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标题:连锦雄--My Thoughts about Our 20 Year Reunion
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My Thoughts about Our 20 Year Reunion
After 20 years of hard work and commitment to on going education, most of us are happy with our accomplishments. Many of us have worked our way up to a wonderful position and are satisfied with our living environment. However, it seems that something is missing here. Can we have a cup of nice coffee with somebody close?
Since graduating from our medical school, both heavy workload and family commitment have forced us to work hard like a horse. We need a short break to escape from our work environment, family obligation and social pressure. It is time for us to find someone close to confide with. This 20 year reunion has provided us with an exceptional opportunity to meet each other, voice out our inner feelings and share our joys as well as disappointments.
Over the past 18 years I have experienced culture shocks twice. I was initially surprised by the methodology of medical research, systemic review and evaluation of overwhelming information, critical analysis of different data and the high standard of academic writing. I never participated in medical research or postgraduate course in China which made my postgraduate training in Australia more difficult and challenging. After recovering from the above shock, I thought I would have an uneventful life. However, I have experienced another shock during the past three weeks in China.
First of all, the living standard and gross income of Chinese doctors have improved significantly in line with the rapid growth of China’s economy. The gap between doctors’ incomes in China and western countries is narrowing. I anticipate the health care services and the standard of medical treatment would improve significantly as a result of a rapid increase in financial funding.
Secondly, some medical equipment owned by the teaching hospitals of Zhong Shan University and Dong Guan municipal hospital are as advanced as the teaching hospital where I work in Sydney. In particular, kidney, liver and heart transplant operations have been performed in Dong Guan municipal hospital. In contrast, not all the teaching hospitals in Sydney are able to provide the above services due to lack of donor organs and inadequate hospital budget.
Thirdly, the speed of rising values in both stock market and real estate property is beyond the prediction or estimation of any well-known economist or financial analyst. No current theory can explain the market movement of Chinese stocks. Inflation in term of real estate property’s price is higher than banks’ interest rates which forces many Chinese to invest in stock market, buy managed funds or real estate properties. Otherwise, their family wealth will be reduced if they keep all money in banks. It is a volatile, unpredictable, irrational and high risk market, although it offers ample opportunities of getting rich quickly. I cannot image what sort of outcome the whole world has to suffer if this market eventually collapses. God blesses China!
Moreover, huge amount and diversity of various Chinese foods inevitably allow some of our classmates to eat more than they need. As a result, hypercholesterolemia and fatty liver are not uncommon in our group of population which reduce a person’s life expectancy by several years.
Furthermore, I am very surprised by the wonderful singing and excellent dancing skills of our classmates. While having Kara-OK I made a public announcement to our female classmates that you would properly steal our hearts if we heard your lovely voice 20 years ago.
Finally, the side effects of becoming world factories in China are phenomenal. During my time in China I was glad to know there are more than 1 million of private car owners in Guang Zhou. On the other hand, I am more concerned about the problems of traffic congestion and environmental pollution as well as the issue of global warming. All of us are aware that the rapid increase in private car ownership is not in the best interest of our environment and the global village, even though it offers a great convenience for individual car owners.
After reading a famous book, ‘Red Star in China’, at age of 10, I attempted to count the number of stars at night many times during my childhood in China. Unfortunately, I did not see any star in the sky during my 21 nights trip to Guang Zhou. It might be due to typhoon and heavy rains during that period of time.
I am uncertain the sort of the world we will leave to our next generation. Exposure to both Chinese and western cultures enables me to view certain issues from different perspectives. I am delighted by the news that the Government has taken some positive actions, such as closing some factories with high consumption of energy, and encouraging the research and application of green energy. Further discussion of the fast development of China’s industries and the rapid deterioration of our environment is outside the scope of this article.
During our reunion on the August of 2007, the generous offers given by some classmates and the friendships shown by others were appreciated. Let us maintain our endless friendships. I wish we can breathe fresh air under the blue sky and count the number of star at night on our next reunion of 2011. Again, Chen Min Shan may discover and locate another “missing girl friend” for me or someone else.
In summary, our 20 year reunion was wonderful. To my knowledge, it is the best reunion ever held in Zhong Shan University. In view of excellent organizational skills demonstrated at this reunion, I believed the key organizers deserve to be awarded an honorary master degree of MBA. Many of us look forward to meeting again at our reunion in 2011, and enjoying the benefits and outcome of their wonderful organization skills.
I am going to email some digital photos which were taken during our reunion to Liao Xing Hue and Chen Min Shan to place on our website. If anyone does not wish her/his nice looking face to appear on the internet, please do not hesitate to contact Liao Xing Hue, Chen Min Shan or myself. I am unable to get permission from all involved persons due to the technical difficulty and time commitment.
连锦雄  in Sydney
31 August 2007
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